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EXTERIOR paints and timber finishes

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The fumes emitted from exterior paints and timber finishes contribute to air pollution in our cities and towns. Many people don't understand the implications of this, thinking because it is outside it's not important to use a low VOC product. However the fumes ( known as VOC's ) emitted from exterior paints and finishes contribute to environmental SMOG. This is why most countries have started to legislate to lower VOC levels in paints and finishes, as well as other products. Read more about VOC's in our FAQ's

Air pollution from SMOG is a major environmental problem in many cities around the world. We are lucky in Australia we don't have such a large SMOG problem as other countries. However it would be nice to keep our clean air !  Choosing low VOC paints and finishes support us to keep our air clean.

Australia has put legislation in place to reduce VOC's in paints and finishes and many other products. Programs such as the Green Star Rating system have also been developed to further encourage the use of low VOC products. New buildings must use low VOC paints and wood finishes inside and out to qualify for Green Star Ratings. These are great measures to reduce environmental pollution. We can also be pro-active environmentally as individuals by choosing low VOC paints and finishes inside and out.

The other reason to use low VOC and non-toxic exterior finishes is for the health of the person applying them. The person applying them will breathe in most of the fumes emitted from paints and wood finishes.  

As always, we have tested all the products we sell to make sure they are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to apply and maintain. 


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