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Natural wood oils are back in vogue. Commonly used in the past to preserve and beautify timber floors before hard high gloss polyurethane coatings were invented, natural wood oils are a softer more natural look and allow you to "feel" the timber under foot instead of a coating on the surface. They are water and stain repellant, easy to spot repair, and don't require sanding when renewing. Simply massage in another coat of the oil to repair or renew. We carry RUBIO MONOCOAT and LIVOS wood oils. Each has their following and they are both superb wood oils for floors.

Though easy to repair and renew wood oils are sometimes not quite as resilient to water and stains as urethanes or polyurethanes. Hence we also carry water based low VOC finishes to give you this option for your project. We carry MUROBOND Murothane as our water based finishes. Both are single pack, easy to use water based clear finishes for timber and concrete floors. 

The LIVOS wood oils can also be used on concrete floors, as well as some stone, terracotta, and mud brick floors. They work similarly on all surfaces by impregnating into the surface, drying and hardening within it and thus creating a water and stain repellant surface. They deepen the colour of all substrates and bring out a richness and sheen depending on the type of oil used, the density of the surface, and the number of coats applied.

To maintain the light or 'raw' colour on timber or concrete you can use a water based finish or one of the wood oils with white tint.  A small amount of white tint in the oil avoids the darkening effect of oils and keeps the "natural raw" colour of timber such as RUBIO MONOCOAT Oil 2C WHITE 5%,  or on concrete use White Vindo in Ardvos Oil. 

Wood oils are ideal for adding stain colour as the colour goes on evenly without any overlap marks. There are many stain colour options in the wood oils below. There are also some stain treatments that can be applied prior to the oils. RUBIO MONOCOAT is famous for the huge range of modern colour options that can be created with their products.  

All products in this category are also suitable for bench tops. Anything that is resilient enough for floors is also resilient enough for bench tops, and both RUBIO MONOCOAT and LIVOS wood oils are certified Food Safe. 

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