RUBIO MONOCOAT Universal Maintenance Oil

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RUBIO MONOCOAT Universal Maintenance Oil is used to protect and refresh the colour of all oiled timber surfaces.  It nourishes the wood and offers increased water resistance combined with a satin, matt or gloss sheen. It can be applied 36 hours after the initial oil, or at any time thereafter to give added protection on high wear areas.

Suitable: for adding extra protection and sheen to floors and interior woodwork treated with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C. Can be used to refresh other oiled or varnished surfaces. 

Appearance: gives added lushness and depth, along with added fluid resistance. Available in matt , satin, or gloss sheen level. 
Colours: clear only
VOC: is zero
Application: clean the floor with RMC Soap and water, rinsing well with water to eliminate any soap residue. Leave it to dry completely. Apply the oil very sparingly using a cloth, brush, or sponge pad by hand or with a floor polisher. Wiped dry with a cotton cloth or white pad under the polisher within 15 minutes.  Allow to dry for 6 - 8hrs in good ventilation. Avoid water for 3 - 4 days. See full Application Instructions
Coverage: 500ml is sufficient for approximately 75 - 100 sq.m/L. It should be applied very thinly. 
Coats: one
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet
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