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In the past waxes were used as a finish for wooden furniture. They are however not very protective or long lasting, so wood oils and varnishes have gradually replaced waxes as more durable finishes for modern furniture. Waxes are now used more as a final polish to enhance the primary finish. 

Waxes and polishes give a silky smooth lustre when applied over other finishes. They delight the senses, both in the feel and the aroma they give off, and impart added resilience and dirt rejecting properties. Waxing or polishing furniture and walls is an enjoyable practice to beautify your home and doing so with natural non-toxic waxes makes it all the more enjoyable!

We have included RUBIO MONOCOAT WoodCream in this section as this is a wax type product but can be applied to raw timber as a unique long lasting finish on its own. 

Waxes are not suitable on table tops or surfaces which are exposed to water or hot cups as these can leave white rings on waxed surfaces. 

Gleivo Liquid Beeswax and Bivos Oil Wax can be used to freshen up furniture such as chairs and cabinets. Applying waxes to these will hide scratches and nourish and renew dry surfaces.

Bivos Oil Wax and VOLVOX Wax Finish are the most suitable for refreshing and nourishing oiled timber floors. 

Frenchic Furniture Wax is ideal for using over Chalk Paint or Clay Paint on furniture and walls. 

Cera Del Vecchio and ROCKCOTE Liquid Carnauba Wax are used to polish and seal lime plaster finishes on walls.

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