LIVOS Gleivo liquid beeswax

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Gleivo Liquid Beeswax smells great! It is easy to apply and gives extra shine and dust repelling qualities when applied over oiled furniture, timber panelling, or floors. 

Suitable: over oiled or painted timber furniture and floors as a final polish, but can also be used as a lightly protective finish on raw timber furniture. Not suitable for areas exposed to water splashes as it can show a whitish bloom when exposed to water. 
Appearance: silky gloss finish.
Odour: very pleasant beeswax smell.
Application: is by brush or wadded cloth, allow to dry, then polish with a cloth or polishing machine.
Drying: 2- 4 hours 
Coverage: 1L covers approx 100sq.M as a polish, or about 25sq.M as a wax treatment on raw or dry furniture. 
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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