LIVOS Bivos Oil Wax

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Bivos Oil Wax is a nice smelling mix of oils, waxes and essential oils, which can be used to restore the lustre to old furniture or wood carvings. 

Suitable: for restoring old furniture or wood carvings, or as a renewing procedure on oiled timber floors and furniture 
Appearance: velvety gloss lustre.
Odour: very pleasant.
Durability: moisture resistant after dried.
Application: is with a wadded cloth, but can also be sprayed
Drying: 20 - 30 minutes if applied by cloth, 30 - 120 minutes if spraying.
Coverage: 250ml covers approx. 25sq.M if applied by wadded cloth.
Coats: one
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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