LIVOS Trena PH neutral cleaner

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LIVOS Trena is an environmentally safe pH neutral cleaner recommended for cleaning all oiled wooden furniture, countertops and floors. Won't strip out the natural oil. Nourishes and restores the lustre as it cleans. Highly concentrated and very economical. Use diluted for general cleaning or full strength for stubborn strong stains. 

Suitable: for cleaning all surfaces in the home except uncoated wood.
Appearance: clear.
Odour: nil. Suitable for allergy prone people.
Environment and people safe: Phosphate, formaldehyde and solvent free.
Directions: add 10 - 20mls in 5L bucket of water and damp mop floor. Dilute with water in a spray bottle for wiping tables and benchtops. Use full strength for stubborn stains. 
Alternate with Glanos Liquid Wax Cleaner every 4th wash to add and extra sheen to floors. 
See LIVOS Care & Maintenance of timber floors
Ingredients:Water, Reetha (soapnut) extract, sugar fatty acid condensate, bergamot oil, citric acid and Parmetol® MBX 
Technical Data Sheets:  Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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