Water Based Wood Finishes

Water based wood finishes are often more suitable than oils on very absorbent timbers such as pine, plywood and cork. They avoid the yellowing that can occur with oils on these light coloured timbers, and can give a more resilient surface on softwood timbers.

The finishes below range from coloured washes such as MUROBOND Woodwash, coloured and clear varnishes such as VOLVOX ProAqua Wood Finish, through to very resilient clear coatings such MUROBOND Murothane and VOLVOX Floor Sealer

Coloured water based finishes add a little more colour with each coat and can produce vibrant colours, compared to oil stains which transfer most of their colour in the first coat and produce more muted colours. However water-based stains can show overlap marks so need to be applied very evenly.

A light sand after the first coat of any water based finish is recommended to flatten any raised grain. This results in a smoother final finish. All timber is unique however and the resulting finish will depending on the porosity and initial colour of the timber as well as the sanding and application method. 

All products we sell are low VOC, easy to apply and give outstanding results.