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View standard Woodwash Interior colours here We can also do custom tints of other Murobond colours.

MUROBOND Woodwash is a water based low VOC semi transparent wash which allows the timber grain to show through.

Suitable: for interior timber panelling, furniture and trim - particularly good on plywood or pine. Can also be used as a coloured wash on concrete. Tannin rich timber may show tannin bleed staining so it is advisable to test application on these timbers first.

Appearance: is a coloured or limed white wood grain look, reminiscent of Scandinavian limed timber.
Colours: see standard Woodwash Interior colours online here Note however online colours may not be true on all screens. Sample pots can be purchased to test on your project. We can also do custom tints of other Murobond colours.
Odour: is very low
VOC: is very low. 13gms/L
Durability: Woodwash is a long lasting finish when used on walls or ceilings, but not durable enough for heavy traffic areas such as floors, benchtops and furniture. These can be sealed with Murothane for durability.
Vapour Permeability: is very good. Allows the timber to still breathe.
Priming: is not needed. The product is applied to clean dry timber.
Application: is with a brush or paint pad in even strokes maintaining a wet edge and avoiding overlap. The best way to do this is to paint individual boards from end to end.
Decorative: Yes. Use for feature panels, trim and furniture.
Drying: is 6 hours between coats. If top coating with Murothane allow 24 hrs for complete drying before applying Murothane.
Coverage: is 10 - 20 sq.m/L depending on the absorbency of the timber.
Coats: 1 or 2 depending on the look required. Woodwash can also be diluted with water.
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS


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