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Using low VOC exterior wall paints is important for our environment. It's is a common misunderstanding it's only important to use low VOC paints on the interior of a house or commercial building. However the fumes (called VOC's) emitted from exterior paints and finishes contribute to environmental SMOG in our cities and towns. Read more about VOC's and SMOG in our FAQ's

Choosing low VOC paints and finishes for the exterior of a house or commercial building is about taking responsibility for our environmental footprint. 

ROCKCOTE Ecostyle is a high quality, low VOC exterior paint available in Flat, Low Sheen, or Satin. It carries a 15 year warranty when used as directed and gives beautiful results. It does not support the growth of mould, mildew or fungi. 

MUROBOND MurowashMineral Silicate PaintCement Paint, and Pentimento Limewash are more specialised exterior paints giving unique aesthetics to a building or exterior structure. 

ROCKCOTE Limewash is a natural exterior wall paint suitable for buildings constructed of natural materials such as hempcrete, straw bale and earth. 

MUROBOND Woodwash Exterior is halfway between a paint and a penetrating wood finish. We include it here because it is ideal for exterior timber weatherboards.  

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