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MUROBOND Cement Paint

Article number: MCP15
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A durable weather resistant cement paint that ages and fades with exposure. Supplied in powdered form and mixed with water before applying. It is like applying a thin coat of coloured cement which allows the wall to breathe. Ideal on masonry, bricks, concrete & render. Sand can be added to achieve a light bagged effect.


Suitable: A long lasting weather resistant paint that’s suitable for cement render, bagged masonry, clay or concrete bricks or blocks, concrete, plasterboard, plaster and previous painted surfaces.
Appearance: Attractive finish that ages and fades with exposure to a matt patina.
Colours: 250+ colour options. Click here to view on Murobond Website.
Odour: Very low odour when applying. No odour when dry. You can sleep in the room the same day you paint it.
VOC: Murobond Cement Paint contains no VOC’s.
Durability: is excellent. A long lasting weather resistant paint.
Priming: is recommended with Murobond Sealer.
Application: Dampen the wall to slow curing. Sand can be added for texture. Apply with a Murobond brush in a random pattern.
Drying: allow a minimum of 24 to dry hours between coats. To aid the setting of Murobond it is important to lightly mist spray the painted surface with water three to four hours after the application of each coat.
Coverage: around  5-6m2/Kilo
Coats: 2 coats recommended.
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheets and MSDS

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