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Murobond Sealer & Binder

Article number: murSB15
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MUROBOND Sealer & Binder is a specialised sealer for binding chalky, powdery or very porous masonry and alkali substrates. It forms an alkali resistant film that binds the surface and seals it ready for top-coats.  

Suitable: this is the recommended sealer before applying MUROBOND Cement Paint. It can also be used to seal and bind old lime, cement, or chalky water-based paints which may otherwise cause adhesion failure. Can help consolidate flaking paint. It will not prevent tannin bleed or efflorescence. 

Appearance: clear milky film - designed to be top coated. 
VOC: low 3.8g/L
Odour: low
Application: by brush, roller or spray
Drying: dry to re-coat in an hour
Coverage:  4 -12 sq.M/L depending on porosity of the substrate
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS
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