Painted Earth is a human and planet conscious paint shop based in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. We sell Australia's largest range of sustainable paints, wood finishes, and natural renders. These are sourced from ten different manufacturers to bring you a complete range of eco friendly finishing products for walls, floors and furniture - both interior and exterior. All products have been tried and tested and are suitable for domestic and commercial fit-outs. 

We've been selling these products since 2002 so we've had time to trial them in the market place and get feedback from our customers. All the products we stock perform well, look great, and are easy to use. They are good quality modern products, manufactured to the latest standards.  Once you experience them you wont look back.


You can purchase online via this website or visit our store in Byron Bay where we have great displays of all the paints and finishes and can help you with your choices. We are open 7.30am - 4pm Monday - Friday and 10 -2pm Saturday. 

We stock ROCKCOTE Ecostyle low VOC acrylic paints as well as VOLVOX natural paints so you can choose the most appropriate paint for your home or commercial project. We also stock many decorative and texture paints.


You'll be pleasantly surprised to see many of the products we sell are a similar price to regular paints and finishes. In fact our biggest seller, ROCKCOTE Ecostyle paint is a high quality acrylic paint, similar to Dulux Wash & Wear. It carries the same 15 year warranty, and costs only about 10% more. In the scheme of things we think the extra value for your health and the health of our planet from using zero VOC paint far outweighs this small extra price.  

VOLVOX Clay paint is our top selling natural paint. The enthusiastic response from customers who have purchased this product over the past 10 years confirms our own experience that this is truely a very beautiful product to paint on your walls. Natural paints are on the whole more environmentally friendly in their manufacture and disposal and the most suitable for people with high chemical sensitivity. However they cost a little more than low VOC acrylic paints. So we carry both to give you a choice.  


MUROBOND are an Australian paint manufacturer who make a fantastic range of decorative paints and finishes. They have always been focused on producing superior quality paints and finishes that have great aesthetics and are considerate of the environment. Hence their loyal following by many architects and designers.

We love carrying their Pentimento Limewash, Murowash, Aqua Glaze pearlescent paint, metalic Bridge Paint, Rust Paint and Wood Washes. In fact many people come to us simply for the range of interesting and creative finishes we stock! 


LIVOS and RUBIO MONOCOAT wood oils are natural wood oils that come as a clear oil or in a range of stain colours. Both of these brands are becoming very popular in Australia and on instagram because of their ease of use and the beautiful results they achieve on floors, furniture and decks.

We support these companies, such as ROCKCOTE, MUROBOND, VOLVOX, RUBIO MONOCOAT and LIVOS because these companies are committed to ethical principals and making environmentally responsible products. We appreciate your support of us and them. We believe our choices can change our world.


About Deb

Deb's passion for sourcing natural, non-toxic and environmentally responsible products spans 20 years of studying, working and cooking in Natural Therapies and the Organic Food industry in Sydney before moving to beautiful Byron Bay in 1999.

Deb is a visionary - usually 5-10 years ahead of the mainstream in seeing where we need to move to as a society. She was inspired to start Painted Earth as a way to make sustainable and non-toxic paints and finishes more available to the general public. Since its inception in 2002 she has grown Painted Earth from a small home based business into a large well established paint shop where friendly customer service and great displays of the paints and finishes reflect her passion for making these products accessible and attractive to the general public.

As an offshoot of Painted Earth, Deb Preston and David Taylor established a Green Building Centre when moving the business to a new premises in 2012. However after a large investment of finances and development, plus several setbacks, over the next 4 years, it was realised that the continuation of this project was beyond the existing budget, and was sadly closed down. See video of this venture. Climbing out of this failed business was a long hard road, sustained by Deb's tenacity and hard work over the following 3 years. She is grateful to the investors in the Green Building Centre business who also had to accept part of the loss of this business. 


About Elise


Elise is University educated in Central New York and is experienced in managing large projects both locally and internationally. Her professional approach to managing the shop means your projects, wether big or small, will get the attention and support they deserve. This includes support to find the right product or colour for your project, as well as technical advice to get the best results when using the product.  

Always friendly and up beat Elise has a passion for colour and decorating and brings a beautiful aesthetic to Painted Earth.  

Elise & Deb are the Painted Earth in-store team.