Painted Earth is a Byron Bay-based eco-friendly paint, render and finish destination. With modern quality products we beautify homes and workspaces and care for our health and planet at the same time.

Established over 20 years ago by Deb Preston, Painted Earth sells Australia's largest range of sustainable, low and non-toxic paints, wood finishes and natural renders. Our range is available online and from our Byron showroom.

Whether you’re a builder, tradesperson, architect, interior designer or home renovator, we help you create beautiful and healthy interiors and exteriors with superior finishes.

For over two decades, we have extensively trialled and tested all paints, renders and finishes for domestic and commercial fit outs. All of the products we sell have stood the test of time.

The depth of our knowledge and experience, and friendly customer service, is grounded in our commitment to health and reducing pollution of our planet.


We source and supply quality eco-friendly paints, wood oils and finishes, decorative paints, clay and lime plasters from some of the world’s finest, ethical, and environmentally responsible manufacturers. These include:

ROCKCOTE Ecostyle zero VOC and very low VOC acrylic paints, texture finishes, and clay and lime renders, for homes and commercial projects. Our best-seller, ROCKCOTE Ecostyle carries a 15-year warranty.

VOLVOX Dispersion paint is our top-selling natural paint. Natural paints are more environmentally friendly than other paints, both in their manufacture and disposal. Highly suitable for people with high chemical sensitivity.

MUROBOND decorative paints and finishes. With a loyal architect and designer following, MUROBOND produces superior quality, environmentally friendly paints and finishes. Their range includes Pentimento Limewash, Murowash, Aqua Glaze pearlescent paint, metallic Bridge Paint, Rust Paint and Wood Washes.

RUBIO MONOCOAT and LIVOS natural wood oils. Rubio is a unique product only requiring one coat. They come as a clear oil or in a range of stain colours. Easy to use. Beautiful results on floors, furniture and decks.

GEORGIO GRAESAN AND CALCE decorative lime plasters. Fast becoming popular in Australia. Imported from Italy where they have stood the test of time as beautiful naturally health wall finishes.  



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About Deb


A skilled and knowledgeable expert on natural, non-toxic, modern paints, renders and finishes, Deb Preston founded Painted Earth over 20 years ago.

Starting in 2002, as a small home-based business, Deb had a simple intent. She wanted to make sustainable, non-toxic paints and finishes more available to the general public. At the time, there was minimal information available, and even less interest, in non-toxic and low toxic paints, renders and finishes.

Fast forward 20 years, Deb’s expertise, detailed product knowledge and experimentation with the finishes has fuelled Painted Earth’s growth. Painted Earth is now Australia’s largest supplier of non-toxic and low toxic paints, renders and finishes.

A passionate health, organics and sustainability advocate, Deb has spent the past 30 continuous years working, studying and cooking in the natural therapies and organic food arenas, in both Sydney and Byron Bay.

A true, yet humble visionary, Deb has a distinct ability to see where and how society can grow to achieve better sustainability and health.

With natural, honest and friendly customer service, and a passion for colour, decorating and beautiful aesthetics, Deb is well-known for her meticulous care in ensuring customers receive the technical advice that helps them achieve the best results from the products – and the exact colour tints needed!


About Alice


Award-winning producer, author and modern languages academic, Alice joined the Painted Earth team in 2021, where her deep appreciation for aesthetics, and commitment to sustainability and care for the planet, found a natural synergy.

An adept listener and communicator, Alice’s love of beautifying and personalising a home environment means customer's dreams are supported to find the right products and colours for their project - no questions too little or too large. 

Alice brings to life the Painted Earth vision, projects and products on its website, eNewsletters and in socials.


About Warren


(new pic coming!)

Warren contributes to our team with his broad and in-depth industry experience. His previous work includes that of painter, furniture designer/manufacturer, interior and art consultant, and graphic designer.

Known for his attention to detail and design aesthetic. He is very pleased to be working with customers who preference products that minimise their human footprint on our precious planet.