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Beautiful modern non-toxic paints

Conventional acrylic wall paints are made up of liquid (water) and binders (acrylic resins), plus pigments (the colour) and various additives. Some of these pigments and additives result in paints emitting fumes - that common fresh paint smell ! These fumes are actually petro-chemical gases, called VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can create air pollution and damage our health. Please read more about VOC's in our FAQ's.

Low VOC acrylic paints such as MUROBOND Murowash , Pure Low Sheen and Pure Wall Flat are beautiful modern paints that don't emit toxic fumes. They have been developed to reduce environmental pollution and provide better air quality in our homes. We have chosen the MUROBOND brand of paints because they are high quality paints with a great aesthetic and great colours, as well as being eco-friendly. Once you try them you wont look back. See this short videos on why low VOC paints are better for the environment and our health.

The only natural paint we are currently able to source is the MUROBOND Pentimento Limewash - a beautiful natural paint full of character. It has a very matt appearance and slightly mottled patina which is more pronounced in the darker colours. Although primarily a natural lime wash paint it has a small amount of acrylic in it, to make it a bit easier to apply over a range of modern surfaces. It is however very important to prime any wall surface first with Murobond Primer. See data sheet for full instructions.


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