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heat reflective roof paint

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Heat reflective roof paint can make a building more comfortable to work or live in and reduce the need for air-conditioning, thus saving electricity and green house gas emissions. Solacoat have won many awards for this high quality, energy efficient product. 

By incorporating a heat reflective additive in the paint Solacoat stops the surface from absorbing infra-red rays from the sun. Thus the surface doesn't heat up. This not only works to reduce the internal temperature in a building by up to 15 degrees C, but also prolongs the life of the surface. 

We've called them roof paints, but they can be also be used on walls. They have even been used on steel railway tracks in the outback to stop them heating up and buckling. 

There are two versions of Solacoat below. One for SOLACOAT for regular environments and one for SOLACOAT MARINE for harsher coastal environments. There are also several primers depending on what surface you are painting -  metal, ceramic tiles, or asbestos roofs. 

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