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SOLACOAT Heat Reflective Coating

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Solacoat Top Coat works by reflecting heat away thereby reducing internal temperatures which means not only savings in both cooling and maintenance costs but it also reduces your carbon footprint which is a benefit to the environment as a whole. This durable and rust-inhibiting paint is non-toxic, odourless and free from harsh chemicals whilst offering excellent waterproofing properties.

Solacaoat Top Coat can be used on metal or ceramic roofs and is safe for collecting water. Solacoat Heat Reflective colour range works by reflecting both the, visible and infrared light. Its unique membrane additive reflects up to 84.9% (depending on colour) heat back to the atmosphere and the remaining heat that passes through the coating is released by thermal emittance.

Solacoat Top Coat colours offers a superior resistance to heat absorption with a higher solar reflectivity than equivalent-coloured conventional paints. View the range of colours and their corresponding reflectance values here

Easy to apply, Solacoat Top Coat covers approximately 8-10 square metres per litre depending on the surface porosity. 2 coats are recommended. When applied in accordance to instructions, it comes with a 10 year guaranteed performance.

Technical Data: Solacoat Top Coat Pastel Description Sheet, Solacoat Top Coat Dark Colours Description Sheet, Solacoat Top Coat MSDS

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