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LANOTEC Timber Seal

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Lanotec Timber Seal weatherproofs timber and allows it to grey naturally. The penetrating finish offers good slip reduction, prevents the corrosion of fastenings and is great for decks, doors, furniture and pool surrounds. It offers superior protection from drying, wood rot, splitting, acid and salt water. The natural timber colour can be restored at any time if so desired.

The preservative properties of lanolin have been known and utilised for hundreds of years. Lanotec Timber Seal products repel moisture, prevent corrosion of fastenings, and extend the life of timber.

Suitable: TIMBER SEAL is suitable for seasoned and dressed timber decking and structural timbers including doors, windows and furniture, both interior and exterior. Use TIMBER SEAL PLUS for rough sawn timber in boardwalks, bridges and jetties.
Appearance: is a clear liquid that penetrates into the timber and leaves a slightly darkened and waxy appearance to the timber. It can be polished when dry to bring a sheen to the surface.
Colours: Clear only. Deepens the natural colour slightly. If the timber is exposed to sun the timber will grey naturally with age.
Odour: is mild, but caution should be exercised when applying it as the carrier is a volatile solvent, which although classed as non-toxic could be irritating to sensitive individuals.
VOC: is not available
Durability: is good. It preserves the timber by repelling moisture and stopping it from drying out and rotting. Re-apply annually in full exposure to maintain this protection.
Application: is with a brush, or lambswool applicator, spreading the product sparingly and evenly.
Drying: is a minimum of 6 hours between coats however this can vary a lot depending on the condition of the timber and the weather so it is best to 'listen' to the timber and apply a second coat if and when it will be absorbed.
Coverage: between 8 - 15 sq.m/L depending on how dry the timber is.
Coats: is usually two thin coats but may be more or less depending on the dryness of the timber. Allow the timber to show you how much it will absorb. If the final coat remains a bit tacky it can be buffed to remove any residue and seal the surface.
Technical Data Sheets: See full Timber Seal Technical Data and SDS: See full Application instructions

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