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Wood oils & stains for timber and concrete floors

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Both of the wood oils we sell for floors come as clear oils and in a range of stain colours. The colour is pre-mixed into the oil so that the colour and the oil finish go on as one. 

Wood oils dont leave overlaps marks like water based products, so they are the ideal way to add colour to timber or concrete floors. As long as the sanding has been done evenly then the colour will go on evenly. You can adjust the amount of colour that is absorbed by varying the sanding. More coarsely sanded timber will absorb more colour than finely sanded timber. 

RUBIO MONOCOAT are the King of Colours when it comes to colouring timber floors. They have 40 different colour options in their Oil, and also have a range of water based pre-treatments to colour, age, or grey the timber before applying any of the coloured oils. The combination of these pre-treatments and coloured oils gives an almost limitless range of possibilities. 

We offer a service to develop specific unique colours for large projects. Give us a call if you would like to discuss this service. 

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