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RUBIO MONOCOAT Oil Plus 2C is a unique timber finish unlike any other. It is a zero VOC oil that chemically bonds to the surface layer of raw wood making it water and stain repellent. It's value lies in the ease of a one coat finish - especially on large areas requiring a stain finish. No overlap marks, no grain rise, no sanding between coats, no second coat! See Video about the product 

It is used worldwide in over 50 different countries. See more information at

Suitable: for interior timber floors, bench tops, furniture, panelling and trim in domestic and commercial applications. See environmental credentials and toy safe certificate
Appearance: is a low build, natural, matt oil wax finish.
Colours: are clear (Pure), and 39 colours. View colours here. You can purchase sample pots to test colours on your timber.  Designers can also use RUBIO's use handy online colour tool to see what colours look like in your project. 
Odour: nil
VOC: zero
Durability: is very good when applied and maintained as directed. See a review by Pete's Hardwood Floors of the product durability.
Vapour Permeability: is good
Preparation: because this is a low build finish that only combines with the surface raw fibres of the wood. it is important to prepare the wood in the correct manner, so enough product is absorbed and it bonds well to the timber.
This involves sanding to 80 or 100 grit only, removing all dust thoroughly with a good vacuum, then cleaning it with RUBIO MONOCOAT Raw Wood Cleaner - an evaporative cleaner that removes the last traces of dust and natural oils from the surface.
Application: mix component A + B in ratio of 3:1. Apply by hand with a cloth or pad, or low speed buffer on floors. Leave to penetrate for 10mins then wipe off excess.
See Videos Application on furniture with a pad, another Application method by a furniture maker, a third application method on a slabApplication on floors.
Download instruction sheets Application on Australian timbersFloor Application Procedure and Countertop Application Procedure
Drying: touch dry after 12 hours. Dry to walk on after 36 hrs. Full cure after 1 week.
Coverage: 30 - 50 sq.m/L depending on the timber, sanding, and application method.
Coats: one coat only. This product bonds to the surface raw wood and the rest wipes off. 
Maintenance: easy to maintain. Vacuum floors regularly, and damp mop with a simple solution of the RUBIO MONOCOAT Soap (a pH neutral soap that wont dry out the protective oil) diluted in water. For tables and furniture put the diluted RUBIO MONOCOAT Soap in a spray bottle or purchase the ready to use Surface Care Spray version. 
Spot cleaning of stains can be done with the Surface Care for general stains, or one of the more specific stain removers made by RUBIO MONOCOAT - Lime Spot Remover, Tannin Remover, or Grease Remover. 
Periodic rejuvenation of the finish can be done with the RUBIO MONOCOAT Refresh Spray or  Maintenance Oil.
Download full  Maintenance Instructions  
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet , Tips for application on Australian timbers, and SDS Component A and SDS Component B

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