clear protection

We offer several types of clear protective coatings for interior surfaces.

The surface you are applying it to, the sheen level, durability requirement, and the VOC content will determine which is the most appropriate one for your purpose.

For example ROCKCOTE Repel is a matt impregnating finish that makes walls more water repellent whilst changing the look of the surface very little. It is ideal on walls renders and paints made from natural ingredients because it maintains the breathability of these products. In contrast ROCKCOTE Clearcote is a hard wearing acrylic film that is water resistant and long lasting. It is ideal for walls where serviceability is key.  MUROBOND Clear Acrylic Sealer is somewhere between the two - not as high build as Clearcote but with a little more sheen than Repel.

MUROBOND Murothane and VOLVOX Floor Sealer are the two most durable clear sealers for use on high traffic areas such as countertops, tables, or floors. 

VOLVOX Wax Finish, FRENCHIC Furniture Wax and ROCKCOTE Carnauba Wax are wax finishes that create a dirt repellant natural lustre on walls or furniture.