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ROCKCOTE Repel is a clear, silicone-infused water repellent finish developed to provide added resistance against water ingress, mould and grime pick up over many surfaces without altering the appearance. It improves water repellency without ‘sealing’ the surface so vapour permeability & breathability are maintained.

Suitable: Interior and exterior application. Developed as a water repellant and mould resistant finish for Rockcote texture coatings and renders. 
Appearance: a matt clear finish that has very little change to the appearance of the surface.
Durability: good for interior and exterior surfaces.
Application: Brush, roller or spray.
Drying: Touch dry 1.5 hours. Re-coat after 4 hours.
Coverage: 4 - 8 sq.M/L
Coats: Usually only 1 required.
Technical Data: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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