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RUBIO MONOCOAT WoodCream is an easy to apply cream for exterior or interior wood panelling to create an instant or long term greyed look.  

Suitable: for exterior or interior vertical timber panelling in domestic and commercial applications. 
Appearance: is a low build, matt wax finish that repels water. 
Colours: are seven shades of grey reminiscent of aged exterior wood, plus one transparent option that allows natural greying or protects already greyed wood.  View colours here and here We recommend sample sizes to test colours on your wood before deciding on large areas.
Odour: nil
VOC: zero
Durability: is very good on exterior and interior vertical panelling. Expect 2 - 5 years in exterior situations dependent on exposure. Maintenance is simply a very thin top-up coat of the diluted cream when it starts to loose its water repellency. 
Vapour Permeability: is good
Preparation: because this is a low build finish that penetrates into the surface raw fibres of the wood it is important to makes sure it is clean and dry. If the timber is very oily, or old and dirty, use Exterior Wood Cleaner to remove oils or dirt, then rinse and dry well. The other important consideration is the ambient temperature. See Application section below. Apply only in temperatures between 10 - 25 degrees Celsius and not in direct sunlight. 

Application: is with a brush and immediately rubbed in with a cloth or pad. The cream should not be allowed to dry before rubbing in, and should not be applied too thickly. Rubio WoodCream dries extremely fast. This is beneficial if coating the timber before installation, but when coating on site in exterior situations the temperature should be between 10 - 25 degrees Celsius and not in direct sunlight. 
Drying: touch dry in 30 mins. 
Coverage: aprox 20 sq.m/L depending on the timber and application method.
Coats: one coat only. This product bonds to the surface raw wood and the rest wipes off. 
Maintenance: The water repellant nature of the product means dirt is regularly washed off and the timber panelling stays in good condition. In full exterior exposure the water repellent quality and grey colour will gradually diminish between 2-5 years and the natural greying will gradually take over.  Maintenance is then a very thin top up coat of the diluted cream - either in the same grey colour or in in the transparent cream if the natural greying has taken over and protection of the wood is the only requirement.

Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and Brochure 

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