ROCKCOTE Clearcote

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ROCKCOTE Clearcote is a flexible clear semi gloss acrylic sealer providing water repellency, dirt and mould rejection to acrylic textured paints and renders. Thus offering long term exterior protection for residential and commercial buildings when applied over ROCKCOTE texture paints and coloured renders.

Suitable: for use over acrylic renders & paints, offering a highly water repellent and mould resistant protection.
Colours: dries to a clear finish
Sheen: low
Appearance: clear Liquid
Odour: slightly acrylic
Durability: offers long term exterior protection against mould and water.
Application: roller, brush or spray.
Drying: 4 hours
Coverage: is approximately 4-8m2/L
Coats: 1
Water Resistance: excellent
Moisture Control: excellent
Abrasion Resistance: excellent
Technical Data Sheets: see full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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