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ROCKCOTE Anti Efflorescent Primer

Article number: RAEP15
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A thick, easy to apply and highly adhesive anti efflorescent primer designed for painting over fully cured site-mixed cement render to stop efflorescence blooming through topcoats. Tintable to strong colours it also provides a slip resistant surface for easy application of subsequent trowel on coatings.

Suitable: for use in areas where efflorescence may occur, such as site-mixed cement render and mortar jointed brick or block walls. Allow 28 days for site-mixed renders to cure before applying ROCKCOTE Anti Efflorescent primer. Can be used interior and exterior.
Sheen: matt
Colours: can be tinted to a wide range of colours. Specify the colour of your topcoat and we will tint to a base colour to suit this - usually about half strength of your topcoat colour. 
Coverage:  rates may vary according to substrate and preparation. Usually applied at the rate of approximately 6 sq.m/ltr
Application: by brush, roller or spray
Technical Data Sheets: see full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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