MUROBOND Woodwash Exterior

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MUROBOND Woodwash Exterior is a modern finish for exterior timber. Somewhere between a paint and a timber oil, it has more long lasting qualities than an oil due to its solid colour, but doesnt form a film like a paint, so wont ever chip or peel. It is one of the new generation water based oils which are becoming popular because they combine the easy application and low VOC of a water based product, with the flexibility and penetrating nature of an oil.

Suitable: for a range of exterior timber which have capacity to absorb stain colour, such as pine, cedar, rough sawn ply and semi hardwoods. 

Appearance: matt solid colour and allows the wood texture to show.
Colours: available in 5 select colours. Black, Brown, Weathered Grey, Syrup and White. See colours here
VOC: 22gms/L
Odour: low
Preparation: timbers containing tannin should be tested first on a small patch, as tannins are likely to bleed through (especially with the lighter colours). Wash the timber with an exterior timber cleaner and then rinse well to remove oils and tannins and open the pores so it will absorb the product.
Application: apply with a brush, spray (back brushed), or pad on smooth timber, in the direction of the wood grain. 
Drying: minimum overnight drying between coats. Do not walk on decks for at least 24 hours (48 hours in cold weather).
Maintenance: Refresh every 3 to 7 years, depending on exposure. On decks, an annual recoat is recommended to keep it in top shape.
Coverage: approximately 3 -7 sq.m/L depending on the texture and absorbency of the timber. 
Coats: minimum 2 coats in exposed areas. 
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS.
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