MUROBOND Mineral Silicate Paint

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MUROBOND Mineral Silicate Paint is an extremely long lasting natural paint made from potassium silicate. It chemically combines with masonry surfaces producing a vapour permeable attractive matt finish.

Suitable: for bare cement render, concrete, bricks or stone. Ideal for the exterior of high rise buildings where repainting is costly. UV stable and resistant to weathering.
Appearance: matt natural looking finish
Colours: see colours here. Note online colours may vary on different screens. 1L sizes can be purchased to view colours in your setting. Sample pots are not possible as this is a factory tinted paint, however sample pots of Murobond Murowash can be purchased to check colours. 
Odour: nil
Durability: extremely long lasting due to the silicate forming a very hard bond to the masonry. Resists acid rain, alkali and pollution attack. Does not peel or crack. 
Vapour Permeability: is extremely good, making it ideal for surfaces where moisture may be an issue.
Priming: prime first with MUROBOND Mineral Silicate Primer.
Application: is with brush, roller or spray in a full even film. Apply in cool conditions out of direct sunlight to maintain a wet edge. Apply in dry conditions above 10 degrees C and below 30 degrees C.
Decorative: yes
Drying: Allow 24 hrs drying between coats
Coverage: 6 - 8 sq.m/L
Coats: One coat of Mineral Silicate Primer and two coats of Mineral Silicate paint.
TechnicalData: See full Technical Data Sheet  and SDS

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