MUROBOND Mineral Silicate Primer

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MUROBOND Mineral Silicate Primer is a water based zero VOC mineral silicate priming paint that penetrates and binds porous masonry, lime, cement, and mudbrick surfaces. It chemically reacts with these surfaces to form a long-lasting bond, so will not bubble or peel. It maintains the breathability of these surfaces and is designed to be overcoated with Mineral Silicate paint.

Suitable: for priming porous exterior masonry, lime and cement renders, concrete, brick, clay and stone surfaces
Appearance: is a clear sealer. 
Colours: clear. Not designed to be tinted
Odour: nil
VOC: < 1gm/L
Durability: designed to be overcoated. Is resistant to acidity and alkalinity, salt and weathering, and prolonged rain and condensation.
Vapour Permeability: highly vapour permeable
Application: apply with a brush, roller or spray. Care must be taken to mask and protect surrounding areas (including expansion/control joints) as it will chemically react with these. Maintain a wet edge and don’t apply to hot surfaces or in temperatures below 8*C.
Drying: touch dry 1 - 2hrs. Re-coat after 12hrs. Avoid water and condensation for 12 hrs.
Coverage: 7 sq.m/L
Coats: 1 coat
Technical Data: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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