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ROCKCOTE Cerano is an easy to use modern acrylic render, developed to give a polished concrete look on interior or exterior walls.

Suitable: as a decorative finish on high traffic interior walls including stairwells, halls, columns and entrance ways. More flexible than Smooth Set or Concrete Finish so can be used on a wider range of substrates.  Suitable for exterior walls when sealed with Clearcote.  Has a dry film build of 0.5mm.
Appearance: smooth, cloud like, or rustic look depending on the finishing technique. Low lustre if sealed with Repel or satin if sealed with Clearcote.  
Colour: concrete grey colours - light, mid, or charcoal grey - or can tinted to standard paint colours. 
Durability: abrasion resistant, durable finish.
Odour: is a mild acrylic odour
VOC: not stated
Vapour Permeability: good
Application: Cerano is supplied pre-mixed in a bucket and applied and polished with a Stainless Steel trowel. It is applied in 2 very thin coats wet on wet, each 0.25mm thick. It is then worked as it dries to the desired finish. When dry it is sealed with 2 coats of Repel or Clearcote. Apply in temperatures above 5'C and below 35'C.
See Application video.
Preparation: Cerano can be applied over most common substrates such as cement sheeting, Gyprock, brick & block, and off form concrete. However it is a thin decorative render only so the substrate needs to be smooth and stable and properly prepared. This is generally done with a base coat of Polymer Render Grey or or ROCKCOTE Quick Render depending on the substrate, or primed with Ecostyle Sealer Undercoat with Grit if the surface is already smooth. Any base coats should be fully cured. ROCKCOTE will also prepare a custom specification for a specific project if requested. 
Coats: 2 coats wet on wet
Drying Time: 5 - 10 mins between coats. 30 - 40 mins before polishing. Full dry 1 day. 
Coverage: 30 - 40m2/15L @ 0.5mm thickness
Technical Data: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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