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ROCKCOTE Polymer Render Grey 15L

Article number: RPRG15
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A ready mixed sand and acrylic render in a bucket. Polymer Render Grey: a high-build polymer render which can provide a build out coat of up to 4mm. Can be trowelled then floated/sponged straight away at 1-2mm. High in volume solids, displays minimal shrinkage and has excellent crack-bridging properties. 


Suitable: Suitable for rendering over fibre cement sheet, painted surfaces, blueboard, hebel and off form concrete panels or other dense surfaces.
Appearance: Mid grey colour that works well with a wide range of colours when painting. Texture that can be sponged to match cement renders.
Odour: low
Durability: Excellent durability, but designed to be overcoated with a water-based paint such as the Rockcote Ecostyle, Armour, Clearcote, texture paints, or coloured renders, to give a long term cleanable surface.
Priming: Substrates must be free of dirt, dust, grime and any other contaminates, and must contain no more than 15% moisture prior to application.
Application: Apply with a trowel 1 - 4 mm thick. Best results are achieved by multiple coats. Can be thinned up to 5% with water. Float or sponge to desired finish. Do not apply below 5'C or above 35'C
Drying: A 1mm thick coat will be touch dry in 3 hours and dry to re-coat in 24 hrs.
Coverage: 2.5 to 12.5 sqM per 15L bucket depending on thickness applied.
Coats: 1 or more coats. Best results are achieved by two coats.
Technical Data Sheets: See full technical data sheets & SDS

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