ROCKCOTE Concrete Finish 12kg

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ROCKCOTE Concrete Finish is a pre-coloured polymer modified fine cement render used to give a grey polished concrete finish.

Suitable: for interior and exterior walls as a smooth decorative finish. Exterior walls should be sealed with Clearcote.  Has a dry film build of 0.5 - 1mm.
Appearance: is smooth, grey, cloud like finish.  Low lustre if sealed with Repel or satin if sealed with Clearcote.  
Colour: concrete grey. Can be darkened with oxides.  
Durability: abrasion resistant, durable finish.
Health: care must be taken not to inhale the fine powder when mixing or sanding. 
Vapour Permeability: good
Application: Mix with water in the ratio of 12kg to 4 - 4.5L using a power mixer. Allow to activate for 10 -15 mins then apply with a trowel, working and polishing it as it dries. Once dry it can be sanded if desired. Apply in temperatures above 5'C and below 35'C. When cured it should be sealed with Repel or Clearcote
Preparation: must be applied over properly prepared substrates free of dirt and dust, release agents and any other contaminants, It is a thin decorative render only so the substrate needs to be smooth and stable and properly prepared. This is generally done with a base coat of Q Render 
Coats: 1 or 2
Drying Time: 8 hrs. Full cure 7 days 
Coverage: 8sq.M/12kg @ 1mm thickness
Technical Data: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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