ROCKCOTE Smooth Set White 12kg

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ROCKCOTE Smooth Set White is a fine cement polymer modified powder, that is mixed with water for patching holes, form joints and slight imperfections in masonry walls. It can also be used as a smooth render finish.

Suitable: Interior and exterior for patching holes, form joints, and slight imperfections in masonry walls. For creating a smooth even surface over cement renders. For a polished concrete look ROCKCOTE have now developed Concrete Finish
Appearance: can be used over Patch & Prep for a finer finish on fibre cement joins, or to create a smooth flat finish over Q Render before painting.
Durability: Excellent abrasion resistance. Needs to be painted for good exterior longevity. 
Application: with a trowel or spatula, 0.5 - 1mm thick. Do not apply greater than 2mm / coat. May be sanded when dry, but precaution should be taken not to inhale the fine dust.
Drying: touch dry in 4 hours. Fully dry in 8 hours. Full cure 7 days 
Coverage: 8 sq.M /12kg bag @ 1mm thick
Coats: 1 or 2 coats recommended - depending on thickness desired.
Seal: with Clearcote, Repel or Carnauba Wax
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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