Oxides, Tints, Colour Charts & Additives

Natural Oxides are used to tint the ROCKCOTE clay and lime plasters and renders which are supplied as a dry mix in a bag. These are ROCKCOTE Clay Plaster Decor, Earthen Render Medium, Earthen Render Coarse, Marrakesh, Lime Plaster and Lime Plaster Basecoat. They can also be used to tint ROCKCOTE Smooth Set, which is a concrete based smooth plaster that can be used in a similar way to ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster. 

Liquid Tints are used to tint lime plasters which come as a wet mix in a bucket. We carry both the Australian ROCKCOTE range of fine lime plasters - Otsumigaki, Velvetina and Venetian , and the Italian GIORGIO GRAESAN fine lime plasters - Istinto, Muro, Marmorino and Venetian.  

Additives such as Fastbond are sometimes required in these plasters and renders to increase adhesion to a substrate. Additives such as mica flakes, straw, rice hulls, shells, and coloured glass can also be added to clay and lime renders for a more decorative effect. We have some of these available to sell online, and leave you to source others from supplies local to you.