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  • ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster
  • ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster
  • ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster
  • ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster
  • ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster
  • ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster
  • ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster
  • ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster

Lime Plaster

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Note : ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster and Lime Plaster Basecote are dry bag renders. Delivery cost of bagged renders varies depending on the quantity ordered and your location. We will contact you if we need to adjust the freight once we receive your order, or you can contact us prior to ordering a bulk amount to get a quote.  

ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster is extremely durable and resistant to the elements. Lime plaster is a natural building material that can last thousands of years because it gets harder over time. It is breathable, mould resistant and discourages insects.   
ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster Basecote has a similar appearance to Lime Plaster but contains a cheaper sand which makes it more economical to use. However this sand can show rust stains over time when used in wet areas or exterior situations exposed to rain. Hence it is recommended for interior use only, or as a base coat under other plasters.

Suitable: for interior and exterior use as durable lime renders. Lime Plaster is ideal for exterior and wet areas. Lime Plaster Basecote is ideal for interior dry areas, or as a base coat for the finer ROCKCOTE lime plasters such as  Marrakesh, Venetian Plaster and Velvetina, or Limewash.
Appearance: is a matt smooth, or coarse rustic finish depending how it is applied and finished.  
Colours: natural white or tinted with alkali resistant oxides. Fading may occur over time depending on the colour used. No more than 40gms of oxide per kilogram of product should be added.
VOC: is zero. However protection should be worn when mixing and applying as lime is highly alkaline. 
Odour: low to no odour
Durability: lime is extremely durable, abrasion resistant, and resilient to water, however Lime Plaster Basecote can potentially show rust stains when exposed to water so should only be used as a base coat, or as a finish coat in dry areas. Lime Plaster can be used in wet areas but is not suitable for shower recesses.
Application: After mixing with water and allowing to rest for 20mins, lime plaster is applied with a stainless steel trowel, approximately 3 ml thick. Working the plaster with a trowel to a smooth flat surface is done after the plaster has dried a little.  See TDS below for further mixing and application instructions on each product. Apply in temperatures above 5'C and below 35'C. 
Preparation:  the substrate needs to be sound, clean and installed according to the building code so there is no movement of the substrate. Any base coats should be fully cured. ROCKOTE Natural Materials Systems Guide outlines the correct priming and procedure for different substrates. ROCKCOTE will also prepare a custom specification for specific projects if requested. 
Drying: touch dry 8 hours. 28 days to full cure
Coverage: is approximately 5 sq.m/18kg bag @3mm thickness for the Lime Plaster and 3sq.m/18kg @ 3mm thick for Lime Plaster Basecote.
Coats: 1 or 2 coats
Technical Data Sheets: See full Lime Plaster Technical Data Sheet and SDS , and Lime Plaster Basecote Technical Data Sheet and SDS. Also ROCKOTE Natural Materials Systems Guide.

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