GIORGIO GRAESAN Venetian Plaster Spatula Stuhhi

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GIORGIO GRAESAN Venetian Plaster Spatula Stuhhi is a reflective highly polished lime plaster made from high quality Italian lime. It is ideal for stand out feature walls  

Suitable: for interior walls, especially feature walls columns , hallways and stairwells. including areas subject to moisture and humidity such as bathrooms and laundries. 
Appearance: is a striking highly polished reflective sheen with three dimensional pattern.
Colours: the natural colour is a soft white. Spatula Stuhhi is tinted to a large range of colours with liquid tints. The Spatula Stuhhi Catalogue contains a colour chart to view these colours in your home. These can be returned for a full refund when you have finished using them. 
VOC: zero. However protection should be worn when mixing and applying as lime is highly alkaline. 
Odour: is nil 
Durability: lime is naturally resistant to mould and bacteria and creates a hard durable surface. However all decorative finishes are works of art that require a little care to maintain them.
Water resistance: excellent
Application: is with a Stainless Steel trowel approximately 2ml thick in one coat. After approximately 15 - 20 mins drying it is worked with a trowel and water spray to get the desired finish, and then buffed with a mitt to get the final sheen and reveal the Mica flakes. Tint should be mixed into the product and left to rest for a minimum of 12 hours before using the product. Apply in temperatures above 5'C and below 35'C.
GIORGIO GRAESAN recommends that all of their lime plasters are applied only by highly skilled and licensed tradespeople with extensive experience in these products. It is the responsibility of the applicator to understand the application method and the procedure involved, in order to obtain a satisfactory outcome.
Application Video : Venetian Spatula Stuhhi
Preparation: the substrate needs to be sound, clean and installed according to the building code so there is no movement of the substrate. Any base coats must be fully cured.  Primus Naturale is applied as a priming coat. See GIORGIO GRAESAN Specifications and System Guide for full details of correct preparation of various substrates. 
Coats: one coat
Drying Time: 12 hrs before waxing. Final cure 28 days.
Coverage: 12sq.m /24kg 
Technical Data: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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