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Wood Oils for Furniture & Floors

Painted Earth stock LIVOS and RUBIO MONOCOAT natural wood oils. We've trialed many others but believe these two are the most environmentally friendly, non-toxic and best performing.

Natural wood oils are back in vogue. Commonly used in the past to preserve and beautify timber before hard high gloss polyurethane coatings were invented, natural wood oils are a softer more natural look and allow you to "feel" the timber under foot, instead of a coating on the surface. They are easier to spot repair and don't require sanding when renewing. Simply massage in another thin coat of the oil to repair or renew.

LIVOS is a German brand of wood oils that have stood the test of time for over 35 years. Livos are now being recognised for what they have always done - creating products that are environmentally responsible and non-toxic to humans, as well as technologically superior in their performance and ease of application. Their wood oils are among the best performing and most beautiful in the world and we are proud to make them available to people in Australia.

RUBIO MONOCOAT is a Belgium brand of wood oil that is becoming popular world wide because of its ease of use and range of modern stain colours. Definitely the easiest wood finish you will ever use! Also the only zero VOC wood oil on the market. It is expensive but covers an extremely large area with a small amount of product, and the reduced labour cost because of a one coat application, makes it a viable product for both domestic and commercial applications.

Natural wood oils can be used on timber and concrete, as well as some stone, terracotta, and mud brick floors. They work similarly on all surfaces by impregnating into the surface, drying and hardening within it, and creating a water and stain repellant surface. They deepen the colour of all substrates and bring out a richness and sheen depending on the type of oil used, the density of the surface, and the number of coats applied.