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ROCKCOTE Patch & Prep 20kg

Article number: RPP20
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An adhesive basecoat used for preparation of surfaces, setting joints and PVC beading. Can also be used to patch and repair concrete on walls and ceilings before painting. This fast-drying product can be used interior or exterior but it cannot be sanded so if a smooth finish is desired, once the Patch & Prep is fully dried and cured, apply Rockcote Smooth Sanding Patch to achieve flat, even outcome.

Suitable: Especially suited as a strong adhesive bond to difficult substrate surfaces such as smooth masonry, off form concrete and cement sheet. For interior or exterior use.
Application: Apply with a trowel or spatula. One coat min 0.5mm – max 4mm thick. Application is not recommended in a single coat greater than 4mm thick on sheet or cladding.
Drying: 4-8 hours
Curing Time: 1 – 2 days under normal drying conditions. Once initial dry set has occurred, re-wet 1-2 times a day with clean water for a day.
Coverage: 80-140 lineal metres/20kg bag
Coats: 1 - 2
Technical Data Sheets: See full technical data sheets and SDS

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