ROCKCOTE Smooth Sanding Patch 15L

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ROCKCOTE Smooth Sanding Patch is an ultra fine, water based acrylic patching compound, which can be sanded to a smooth finish. Can also be used to create a smooth wall finish. 

Suitable: for interior and exterior use to patch holes, form joints, and minor imperfections in concrete or masonry walls. Can also be used to create a smooth wall finish.
Colour: not generally coloured but can be tinted to a range of light to medium colours.
Durability Excellent, and good crack bridging ability. 
Application: Easy to use and minimal shrinkage. Apply with a trowel not greater than 2mm wet film build. Use multiple coats for a higher build. See TDS for full instruction for exterior application. 
Drying: dry to re-coat in 4 hours
Coverage: 15sq.M/15L at a 1mm build
Coats: 1 - 2
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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