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ROCKCOTE Ecostyle Sealer Undercoat

Article number: RESUw15
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ROCKCOTE Ecostyle Sealer /Undercoat is a white undercoat with high blocking power that can be used to reduce and even the absorption of bare surfaces as well as covering strong colours. The following topcoats will be far superior in appearance and texture. Certified low VOC and free of dangerous chemicals by GECA.

Suitable: for priming bare Gyprock, timber, fibre cement sheet, hardboard and masonry surfaces. Not suitable of timbers with a high tannin or sap content. Use Smart Prime on these to prevent tannin bleed.

Available with grit for use as a primer under ROCKCOTE natural Clay plasters and Lime renders 
Appearance: is a matt sand-able finish
Colours: white only. If you are wanting a tinted undercoat choose ROCKCOTE Ecostyle Primer 
Odour: is nil.
VOC: is ultra low (0.4gms/L)
Durability: is excellent. Good longevity for indoor and outdoor situations.
Vapour Permeability: is good. Allows the substrate to breathe.
Application: is by roller, brush or spray gun as for conventional paint.
Drying: is 2 hours before re-coating.
Coverage: is 8-12 sq.m/L depending on the porosity of the surface.
Coats: is usually one. Highly porous surfaces may give best results with two coats.
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS
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