Lime plaster & renders

Lime plasters & renders are an age old finish in European buildings which are becoming popular in Australian homes. The Design Files has a good blog showcasing this look

From subtle and soft to spectacular Italian style there is a huge range of possible lime plaster finishes. We carry Australian lime plasters made by ROCKCOTE and a brand of imported Italian GIORGIO GRAESAN lime plasters. Each has their strengths and characteristics. 

Generally lime plasters need to be applied by someone with special training in them. However some of the more simple lime renders such as the ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster can be applied by anyone who is able to use a trowel.

The finer lime plasters such as Marrakesh, Venetian and Muro Naturale are a skilled application by someone who has learnt to read the different stages of drying and polishing required to achieve a good finish. We are able to recommend experienced Artisans to apply these finishes in most areas.