ROCKCOTE Ecostyle Primer

Article number: P-4721
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ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Primer is an economical primer which provides good adhesion to a range of surfaces. It can be tinted to provide extra opacity behind strong coloured topcoats.  

It is very low VOC, low odour, and has no ammonia, which means newly painted spaces can be occupied sooner, without associated health issues. It is also much healthier for the painter or applicator.

Suitable: suitable for interior and exterior application over clean, properly prepared Gyprock, white set, timber, cement sheet and concrete. 
Sheen: matt, sand-able surface. 
Colours: white, or can be tinted as a base for strong vibrant topcoats. Specify the colour of your topcoat and we will tint to a base colour to suit this - usually about half strength of your topcoat colour. 
VOC: very low <1gm/L
Odour: nil
Coverage:  rates may vary according to substrate and preparation. Usually applied at the rate of approximately 12 -14sq.m/L
Application: brush, roller or spray
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and  SDS

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