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RUBIO MONOCOAT WoodCream is the latest product from Rubio Monocoat. We expect it to be big in Australia when people experience its natural look and long lasting effect. High profile timber company  Sculptform has trialed it rigorously and taken it onboard as one of their major coatings for pre-finished exterior timber panelling. 

Suitable: for exterior or interior vertical wood panelling in domestic and commercial applications. 
Appearance: is a low build, natural matt look that accentuates the grain. 
Colours: we are slowly importing the full range of 27 colours available in the Woodcream range. The colours are split in to 3 sections - the Grey Collection, Traditional Collection, and Scandinavian Collection. We currently have stocks only of the Grey Collection in Australia, but are able to bring in other colours if a large volume is required for a project.
All the colours can be mixed with Rubio WoodCream Softener to dilute the product and make it more transparent if desired. 
Odour: nil
VOC: zero VOC and ecologically safe.
Durability: is very good on exterior and interior vertical panelling. Expect 3 - 5 years in exterior situations, before the water repellency gradually starts to diminish and requires a very thin top up coat. 
Vapour Permeability: is good
Preparation: because this is a low build finish that penetrates the surface raw fibres of the wood it is important to makes sure the wood is clean and dry. If the timber is very oily, or old and dirty, or you are going over a previous non-Rubio product, clean it first with a mixture of 10% Exterior Wood Cleaner and water, then rinse well and allow to dry. The other very important consideration is the ambient temperature. Apply only in temperatures between 10 - 25 degrees Celsius and not in direct sunlight. 
Application: is with a synthetic brush, spreading it evenly along the length of the board in the direction of the grain. Aim to do 3 or 4 boards at a time keeping a wet edge as Rubio WoodCream dries extremely fast. This is beneficial if coating the timber before installation, but when coating on site in exterior situations the temperature should be between 10 - 25 degrees Celsius and not in direct sunlight. 
Coverage: aprox 20 sq.m/L depending on the timber and application method.
Coats: one or two coat depending on the look you want. A second coat will give a more solid colour. 
Drying: touch dry in 30 mins. Dry to re-coat after 3 hrs. Full cure in 12 hours
Maintenance: The water repellant nature of the product means dirt is regularly washed off and the wood panelling stays in excellent condition. In full exterior exposure the water repellent quality will gradually diminish between 3-5 years.  Maintenance is then a very thin top up coat of the WoodCream diluted with 10 - 20% Rubio WoodCream softener.

Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet , SDS and Brochure 

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