ROCKCOTE Hard Patch 15L

Article number: P-3974
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ROCKCOTE Hard Patch is an acrylic based patching compound designed for patching holes, form joints and imperfections in masonry or concrete. Must be mixed with uncompressed cement powder.

Suitable: for patching off form concrete joints and imperfections in concrete or masonry walls. Also for patching fibre cement joins. Not suitable to be sanded to a fine smooth finish - use Smooth Sanding Patch for a fine smooth finish.
Durability: is excellent, though designed to be over-coated. 
Application: Mix with Portland Cement in the ratio of 15L Hard Patch to 3L of lump free uncompressed cement powder. Mix only when ready to use. Apply with a trowel or spatula 1 – 2mm thick.
Drying: 24-72 hours depending on thickness and drying conditions.
Coverage: 90-160 lineal metres/15L
Coats: suitable for multiple coat application
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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