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  • MUROBOND Rust Paint
  • MUROBOND Rust Paint
  • MUROBOND Rust Paint
  • MUROBOND Rust Paint

Rust Paint

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MUROBOND Rust Paint is used to create an authentic rusted surface on any paintable substrate. It consists of 3 products.

BASE (part 1) available in 300ml, 1L, 4L & 15L 
FINISH (part 2) available in 100ml, 300ml, 1L, 4L & 15L 
CLEAR (part 3) available in 100ml, 300ml, 1L, 4L & 15L 

Suitable: for most surfaces interior and exterior, but not advised on ferrous metal as the rust process may affect the structural integrity of the steel.
Appearance: an authentic and dramatic rusted metal appearance.
Odour: low
Vapour permeability: minimal
Durability: excellent durability both internal and external. The Rust Paint Clear final coat makes it washable for internal use. Exterior it is recommended to leave it without the Clear coat and allow the natural rust to weather. 
Priming: prime surfaces with MUROBOND Primer tinted to grey
Application: is a 3 step process. Apply two coats of the Base Paint (part1) generously with a brush or roller. When the second coat is nearly dry apply one coat of the Finish Paint (part 2) generously by brush. This begins the rusting process. When it has rusted to your desired level, apply one or two coats of the Clear Paint (part 3) with a brush or roller to stop the rusting process and make the surface washable. 
Drying: Allow first coat of Rust Paint Base to dry for 3 - 6 hrs, then apply second coat of Rust Paint Base. Only allow this second coat to partially dry (typically about 30mins) before applying the Rust Paint Finish, as it needs some moisture present to activate the rusting process. The rusting process can then take between 12 - 24 hrs to develop, and needs to be kept damp while it is rusting.  When it has rusted as much as you want it to, apply the Rust Paint Clear to stop any further rusting and make the surface washable. 
Coverage: Base 6-8 sq.m/L/coat, two coats required.  Finish 11-12 sq.m/L, one coat required.   Clear 11 - 12 sq.m/L/coat, one or two coats depending on the expected wear.
Technical Data Sheets : See full Technical Data Sheet and Rust Base SDS , Rust Finish SDS and Rust Clear SDS

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