Acrylic renders

Acrylic renders are the ideal choice for fibre cement sheet, blueboard, painted surfaces, off form concrete, Hebel and other dense panels, because acrylic renders are more flexible than cement renders and adhere well to dense surfaces. They are less likely to crack along joins between panels. Cement renders are ideal on rigid and porous substrates such as brick and block and porous stone.

ROCKOTE Acrylic renders come premixed in a bucket so are easy to apply and work with. They generally require a base coat, such as Polymer Render Grey, which is a thick coat to get adequate thickness (2 - 4ml) and an even surface. Then a coloured decorative acrylic render such as Cerano or a paint or texture paint is applied over this to give the final texture and colour desired.

The particular substrate and desired final look will dictate which render is appropriate and what steps needs to be followed to achieve a long lasting finish. This information is available in the ROCKCOTE Systems Guide.