UNI-PRO Microfibre Cover

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UNI-PRO Microfibre Roller Covers for roller frames in 230mm and 270mm widths. Choose  4mm, 10mm or 15mm Nap according to your project. 

These all purpose lint-free covers offer high absorption and superior paint pick up and release resulting in a professional, smooth finish.

Suitable for: all types of paints. Use 10mm Nap for general low sheen wall painting, 4mm Nap for satin or gloss enamels, and 15mm Nap for textured walls. 

Directions: Before use, rinse cover in water or solvent to remove any loose fibre then allow to dry.

Spread the paint in light, even strokes and in varying directions until the surface is well covered. Roll back over painted surface with long, light strokes in a single direction to smooth.

After use, roll out excess paint on newspaper or rags, then remove cover from frame and wash sleeve thoroughly.  Rinse and leave to dry standing on end.

If using with the same paint again the next day you can skip the washing by wrapping in plastic to exclude air and keep moist.  

To prevent uneven wear from frequent use, turn the cover around on the frame so the pressure point is on the opposite side.

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