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Murobond Aqua Glaze Pearl

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MUROBOND Aqua Glaze Pearl is a pearlescent paint with beautiful gold and silver highlights. 

Suitable: for interior and exterior use on most surfaces.  Ideal application is as a decorative panel on walls, furniture or trim. It is washable, so suitable for high wear areas. 
Appearance: is a pearlescent gloss finish that shows the texture of the brush strokes.
ColoursSee Aqua Glaze Pearl here. Note online colours may vary on different screens, so sample pots can be purchased to test colours in your setting.
Odour: mild.
VOC: 13.5 gms/L
Durability: is good. Similar durability and dirt rejection as an enamel paint. Use a soft cloth when cleaning to maintain the high shine finish.
Priming: is required on all surfaces. Apply 1 or 2 coats of MUROBOND Primer tinted towards the colour.
Application: is with a brush only. Ideally use a MUROBOND Brush and apply in a random pattern or even strokes in one direction. Mix well before and during use. Maintain a wet edge and stop only at joins in the surface. Apply in dry conditions and temperatures 10 - 30 degree C.
Decorative: Yes. Can be used for decorative effects on feature walls, panels and furniture. Adds a luminous quality to a room.
Drying: touch dry 1 hour, recoat after 4 - 6 hours in good drying conditions. Full cure and hardness reached after 7 days.
Coverage:is approximately 8 -10 sq.m/L per coat.
Coats: two or more coats required.
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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