UNI-PRO 7 Piece Paint Starter Kit 230mm

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UNI-PRO 7 Piece Starter Kit 230mm has everything you need to get painting.

Contents include:

  1. 230mm Heavy duty roller tray
  2. 230mm strong cage frame roller
  3. 10mm Nap, 230mm micro-fibre sleeve
  4. 50mm smooth coat brush
  5. Anti-slip plastic drop sheet
  6. Wooden paint stirrer
  7. Paint can opener

The 10mm nap micro fibre sleeve is ideal for water and oil based paints. It offers high absorption with superior paint pick-up and release resulting in a professional, smooth finish.

The solid 50mm smooth coat wall brush is suitable for all paints including water-based enamel.  For interior or exterior use, the tapered synthetic filaments offer maximum performance for a smooth, even finish.

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