Natural Paints

Natural paints, such as VOLVOX Clay PaintVOLVOX Dispersion Paint, ROCKCOTE Limewash and MUROBOND Pentimento Limewash are paints made from natural ingredients such as clay, mineral or plant ingredients. Natural paints don't contain petro-chemicals or toxic chemicals, so they don't emit VOC's. On the whole they are more environmentally friendly than acrylic paints because they don't pollute the environment in their manufacture or disposal. They are generally chosen by people who prefer natural products in their home, or people who are highly chemically sensitive. 

Natural paints are generally more expensive than acrylic paint, and not quite as washable. However they provide a very healthy and uniquely beautiful environment in a home or workplace. We carry both low VOC acrylic wall paints and natural wall paints because we believe each has their place in a sustainable future.