plasters & renders

Plasters and renders are finishes which are applied with a trowel. Plasters are usually thin decorative finishes applied to internal walls, and renders are thicker coatings usually on external walls which can have coarse or smooth finishes.

Typically plasters and renders need to be applied on very stable substrates such as brick, block or hempcrete, because any movement in the substrate can result in cracks showing through a render. They can however be applied over blueboard and plasterboard in certain instances if the joins between the boards are patched and meshed, and if the recommended substrate preparation is followed - eg the correct priming and base coat, or coats, applied to a specified thickness. There may also need to be extra studs put in the wall to increase rigidity and reduce the possibility of movement and hence cracks showing through this type of substrate.

We specialise in natural clay and lime plasters because these fit with out ethos of sustainable non-toxic finishes. We carry both the Australian ROCKCOTE range of natural clay and lime plasters and renders as well as the Italian GIORGIO GRAESAN range of fine lime plasters.

ROCKCOTE also make various premixed cement renders and acrylic renders, which we are able to supply because we are an outlet for the full range of ROCKCOTE renders and texture paints. However we currently only list a few of these online. If you require a ROCKCOTE render not listed here please give us a call to discuss supply of this.