VOLVOX Wax Finish

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VOLVOX Wax Finish is a liquid carnauba wax designed to protect and maintain high-traffic surfaces such as oiled timber floors and furniture.

Suitable: for applying over oiled timber furniture, floors and panelling to give extra shine and dust repelling qualities. Can also be applied over VOLVOX Clay Paint on walls or furniture to give more serviceability.  A little can be added to cleaning water when mopping timber floors to nourish the timber.
Appearance:attractive soft satin sheen.
Durability: very good
Application: is with a slightly damp cloth or mop, then buff almost immediately.
Drying: 15 minutes
Coverage: as a wax treatment 1L does 30 - 40msq.M. For nourishing timber floors add 20mls to 5L of cleaning water.
Coats: one very thin coat
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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