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VOLVOX Wax Finish

Article number: VWF1
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Made from carnauba wax, Volvox Wax Finish has been designed to protect and maintain high-traffic finished surfaces such as timber floors, stone or tiled floors as well as furniture or painted surfaces,

Suitable: An easy to apply liquid carnauba wax that will give extra shine and dust repelling qualities when applied over oiled furniture, paneling or floors. Maintenance of oiled and waxed floors, sealing furniture or painted surfaces. Can also be added to cleaning water.
Appearance: Satin - Can be buffed to an attractive soft sheen.
Durability: Excellent
Application: Cloth or mop.
Drying: 15 minutes
Coverage: Coverage as a wax treatment 30 - 40m2/L. For regular care add 20mls to 5L cleaning water.
Coats: 1
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data and MSDS

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